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owner jess good in puerto rico

Hey guys, here is a little bit about me, Jessica Good, and how this company started…

I was born and raised in Panama City, FL. I did spend a few ears in Michigan, but I moved back to Panama City in 2012 because I will always call this place my home. When I moved back, I met the love of my life, Eric. At that point I decided to never leave again.

I chose this business because I realized the power of CBD and how much it can benefit everyone on a day to day basis. From anxiety to joint pain, CBD has proven its benefits time and time again to not myself but many of my friends, family and even those precious fur babies.

Owner jess good and her husband eric good

Eric and I met through mutual friends back in 2013, he was running EZE Watersports at the time. He proposed in 2015 at our 4th of July party on the white sandy beach. Since then, we have partnered in many endeavors and completed our “perfect” version of family with our fur babies, Macy and Skillet.

After leaving the restaurant business in 2017, I began helping Eric and Paul run the EZE Watersports business. Although I loved working with my husband, I wanted to branch out into something I was passionate about. Which leads us to the PCB Hemp Company.

operating director paul irrizi

Let’s introduce Paul. Him and I met about the same time Eric and I started dating. Eric and Paul are best friends and over the years Paul has become one of my best friends as well. From being the best man in our wedding to just coming over for dinner every other night of the week, he has proven to be a part of the family.

Paul got into this business because he is fascinated by the industry and capabilities of CBD. His curiosity has helped push us toward the extensive research we have done in making sure we have and will continue to choose the best products on the market.

family dog, macy

Macy was adopted in 2012 when she was about 2 years old. She is a dorkie, dachshund and yorkie mix. She has become Jessica’s best friend in the whole world. Macy is the sweetest old lady that’s ever lived. With Macy getting older, Jessica has started to incorporate CBD into her daily routine to help with digestion, joint pain and overall wellbeing. The whole family has really seen a difference in how much more active she has become and how much more patience she has towards their other dog, Skillet.

family dog, skillet

Skillet joined the family in 2016 when he was about 11 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter and even though this breed doesn’t usually have many issues, he developed an auto immune disorder, including skin allergies. After many expensive vet trips, Jess introduced CBD capsules into his diet. After just a few weeks, we noticed a significant change in his coat, stool, and activity levels.

Our goal at PCB Hemp Company is to provide a well-rounded supply of CBD products to everyone and every lifestyle. There are a lot of options in the market now-a-days, but we want to make it where we provide the best option for YOU. Just come in, talk to us and we will specify it to your needs.

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